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Providing Energetic Healing to Adults, Kids, Animals & More

Located in Grand Blanc, Michigan but servicing all beings on planet Earth, Peace of Love Healing provides distant healing sessions for adults, children, animals and more.  Established in 2016 as a sole proprietorship, the goal of Peace of Love Healing is to bring well-being, love, and light to all those in need.  Distance healing means you receive the healing session from the comfort of your own home, while the healer works from their sacred space.

Peace of Love Healing is owned and operated by Jessica Marek.  She has been practicing EnergyTouch® healing techniques since 2014 when she began her formal training at the EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After completing the 3-year certification, she has the ability to work in the outer levels of the energy field which allow her to work on a cellular level.   

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Distance Healing

Grand Blanc, Michigan



Tu & Th 5p–10p
Sa & Su 10a–5p

Areas of practice

The body, mind and spirit are all connected. When one is disrupted it affects the whole system.



The human body is a very complex miraculous environment that knows how to heal itself.  It has defense mechanisms that allow it to maintain homeostasis.  When the environment becomes corrupted or the defense mechanisms do not function properly, then problems start to arise.  All dis-ease starts in the energetic field as some kind of disruption or block to the energy flow.  When that block slows the energy flow long enough it manifests itself physically as a dis-ease.



The mind is a very powerful thing.  Our thoughts and beliefs are our power to create.  We create our world by the way we perceive it.  When we believe something positive it makes us happy, but when we believe something negative it can cause disruptions in our energy field.  We have the power to decide and assign a positive or negative value to everything we perceive.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at often change.



The human spirit is our energy that flows through and around us at all times.  It is our connection, the force that connects us to the creator, to each other, and to our soul.  When we are disconnected we have feelings of sadness, fear, and even depression.  Our spirit helps us to find our sense of purpose, joy, and love.  The stronger our connection, the more love and joy we see in our lives.  Strengthening that connection will bring profound healing to your life.

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I so enjoyed our time. I believe I have experienced a life-changing event. I now easily understand the incredible enthusiasm and affirmative conviction that you were conveying to me. ... Oh my God. This is everything!
— Dennis
I’m still enjoying the effects of your healing. I have definitely felt a new joy-replacing-fear as the main basis of things.
— Emma
I feel so much better today. Thank you for your power in the Light and your willingness to help in an emergency. Your gifts are huge...
— Sarah
Thank you Jessica for helping me to heal my digestive issues. Working with you has been an amazing experience.
I’ve noticed a significant difference in my health. After my healing sessions I physically feel different. I feel more peaceful and I have more energy.
— Danyell
... Jessica helped me to go through and clear heavy past lives experiences/relationships that hold me back from my full potential. She could see exactly what was a source of my pain or suffering and used different techniques to help me to let it go.

I temporary live outside US and 2 weeks ago I asked Jessica to help me with my chest pain. She distantly connected to my energy field and removed what was causing the pain. I feel amazing now! I am so grateful to Jessica for everything she does! She is professional, responsive, kind with a big heart person and I will recommend Jessica to those who needs a healing session or just a good energy shower :)
— Marina
I have been trying to find the right words to describe this experience. It’s been about a month since my healing session and things continue to get better!! I didn’t realize how muddled and cloudy my world was until it all was cleared away. The calm & clarity has seeped into everything I do and I can’t recommend this enough! Jessica was amazing & professional. I’m so thankful for her & her amazing skills. It was a life-changing experience!!
— Jessica
Jessica is amazing. She helped me heal my acid reflux :)
— Sally